The type of competiton

The R1-Trophy is an off-road and navigation competition for teams of 2 or 3 offroad vehicles. The goal is to drive offroad tracks and stages from start to finish as fast as possible or to use the shortest tracks.

The difficulty of the competition is "middle to hard". Yes, it will be a hard week, but by nature we are looking forward to serve you a competition without "material battles". Our main goal is still the carful handling of material, terrain and vehicle.

There is a big difference to other trophys: Navigation at R1-Trophy is not only driving with road book from start to finish. During an two-day-special the Navigation needs to be done with GPS. This means that the participants often have to find a personal route (the shortest track) instead of only following a roadbook track. 

The teams compete with each other in several disciplines for 5 days:

  • Skillful and careful handling with the offroad vehicle
  • Handling with the winch
  • Navigation with road book
  • Navigaiton with GPS
  • All-round ability, good strategies and endurance
  • Teamwork

As participation of the competition should be open to almost everybody who owns an appropriate vehicle and have those skills we try to achieve "best value for money". And it's not all about money. Fun, positive atmosphere, a friendly manner, helpfulness, respect instead of verbal demotions - that's what we are looking for. 

Participants & teams


The aptitude of the participant must meet the requirements! We therefore reserve the right to exclude participants in advance, if it looks like that they will not meet this demand. The participants are not entitled to a refund of the entry fee if the performance or willingness does not meet the requirements during the competition or do not have enough skill to complete the course.
Participants must (at registration) declare possible health problems which could influence the positive progress of the competition. If necessary, the participants have to carry personally required medicine in sufficient quantity with them.
Unsportsmanlike behavior or fraud ("A participant shows unsportsmanlike behavior if he is acting contrary to the sporting spirit or to the idea of fair play") will be punished with time penalties or disqualification.
No drugs and no alcohol during competition!
In general, we reserve the right to exclude participants for registration.

Team formation
: Each team has to consist of 2 or 3 cars and minimum 2 persons.

Examples for valid teams are:

  • two cars with one person each car (but will not make much sense)
  • two cars with three, four, five persons
  • three cars with 15 persons ;-)

Team meetings:
The team meetings are scheduled daily. Time and duration can be found at the event program/calendar.  At least one participant of each team has to join the team meetings, as these meetings are mainly used for short-term disclosures of important information (closure of  tracks, program changes, starting positions, penalty changes on checkpoints because of weather conditions, ...).

The team meetings will take place on time. So punctuality of the participants is asked and expected.
Offroad vehicles and equipment
Valid only: Offroad vehicles up to a maximum vehicle weight of 3.5 tons. No Quad's, ATVs, Buggies, ...

The usage of seat belts and helmets for driver and passengers is mandatory (reason: saferty and insurance)!
Because sometimes also public roads are used in the roadbooks (or the own choice of the route) the participation of extremely converted trophy vehicles is not possible and is not welcome!
Guidelines for offroad vehicles: The measures of body and frames should be almost original. Tractor tires are not allowed. Engine swaps or axle swaps should be done with parts of the same manufacturer. These are just "guidlines" to give all interested participants an idea about the type of car.  Everybody is highly welcome to ask (or send images) if there is doubt about the configuration of his car.

Minimum vehicle (not team) requirements  - will be checked at final registration (1st day):
  • Vehicle have to have a lowrange gearbox and must be fully offroad compatible
  • Mileage counter (should work exactly)
  • First-aid kit (expiration date could be checked)
  • Mud-Terrain tires or even better, including a fully qualified spare tire
  • Navigation tools (compass, geo triangle, circle, pins , GPS...)
  • Winch (functional) with tree strap
  • Fire extinguisher (2kg min.)
  • Emergency provisions, water
  • Equipment for outdoor overnight stays (tent, sleeping bag, torch)
  • helmet for driver and all passengers
  • Seat belts
  • power outlet 12-24V permanent (for GPS tracker, logger)
Additional recommended equipment:
  • Tripmaster
  • Rollbar
  • Tool kit, spare parts, ...
  • chain saw,
  • Ground anchor, blade, ...
  • Ropes, plates, ...
  • tools which are helpful when going offroading...

In any case we reserve the right to exclude participants from subscription to the event if the offroad vehicle does not correspond to the requirements! If participants are not confident please contact us pre to the subscription!

Roadbooks, maps, on-board-cards and GPS
Each vehicle (not only each team) will be issued with a roadbook, proper map(s) and an on-board-card for every stage at the start line.
On the on-board-cards the following information will be written by the organizers:
- start time
- must arrival time
- latest possible arrival time
The final target of the day (camp or hotel) will also be drawn in the provided map to allow the participants (witch might have technical or navigation problems) reaching the camp safe and in time (worst case on public roads).

Behaviour during the event

Basically, all people have to behave "appropriately".

Participants (or also spectators) which are attracting attention because of their repeatedly negative behavior, could be be expelled (noising, rioting, pollution of the camp or of the environment, driving on fields or signed private tracks or paths, being not compliant, and other things like that)!
Any additional requirements or behaviors may be announced during team meetings or will be written in the documents (road book).

Rejection, abortion or cancellation
If the competition is being canceled because of not reaching a cost-effective minimum number of participants, because of security reasons in front of the competition, because  of failure of the event organizer,... In this case, the paid entry fee will be refunded.

When canceling an already initiated competiton because of security reasons, because of adverse conditions, because of failure of the event organizer,... It s not entitled to a refund of the entry fee. The same is true for participants who are excluded during the event.

On cancellation by the participant - latest 31.1.2014 - the paid entry fee will be refunded. On later cancellations the entry fee wil be not refunded.

The participants will be insured by an accident insurance. Anyway, participation is at own risk, liability and responsibility because events in nature and with offroad vehicles are never without ventures.

Disclaimer is only available in german:
Jeder Teilnehmer verzichtet ausdrücklich und unwiderruflich zugleich mit seiner Anmeldung auf die Geltendmachung von allfälligen Schadensersatzansprüchen gegenüber den Veranstaltern sowie den mit der Durchführung der Veranstaltung beauftragen physischen und/oder juristischen Personen. Der jeweilige Teilnehmer erklärt ausdrücklich, das Risiko der Teilnahme an der Veranstaltung aus Eigenem zu tragen und die Veranstalter sowie alle mit der Durchführung der Veranstaltung beauftragten physischen und/oder juristischen Personen hinsichtlich allfälliger Schadenersatzansprüche Dritter, welche auf Verletzung der nach den allgemeinen Grundsätzen ( § 1295, § 1297 ABGB) obliegenden Pflichten zur Vorsicht und Aufmerksamkeit zurückzuführen sind, schad- und klaglos zu halten. Der Unterzeichnete erklärt weiters ausdrücklich, für allfällige zivil- und strafrechtliche Ansprüche hinsichtlich der von ihm verursachten oder durch die von ihm verwendeten Fahrzeuge entstandenen Schäden aus Eigenem aufzukommen unter Verzicht auf jegliche Regressansprüche. Ferner verzichtet der Unterzeichnende ausdrücklich auf eine Anfechtung dieser Erklärung aus welchem Rechtstitel auch immer, insbesondere aus dem Titel des Irrtums. Diese Bestimmungen gelten für Fahrer, Beifahrer und Mitfahrer und sind deshalb von allen Teilnehmern bei der Anmeldung zu unterzeichnen.

Comercials & sponsorings
Participants agree that advertising stickers, handed out the sponsors or oranizers, will be placed on the vehicles for the duration of the event. So the the doors and the hood/bonnet are to be kept free.
Privacy of data

The participants agree to provide theire private data for the purpose of communication. The collected personal data will not be shared or sold.
Rights on images and video footage
We reserve the right to make audio and video recordings during the competition. The participants agree that the images or audio/video material can be used for advertising purposes by the organzisers.